Our founding history

Ismail Ssekiwu - Gründer Life Cyclers Uganda

My name Ismail Ssekiwu, the founder of Life Cyclers Uganda. I was born in Uganda and grew up in Kampala. Since 2015, I have been living in Switzerland with my family.

Like many young people growing up in Uganda, it was difficult for me to organise my free time and pursue hobbies. Resources were simply not available.

The development of the talents of the younger generation is not sufficiently promoted due to a lack of resources. Uganda has one of the highest populations of young people in the world. Vocational training opportunities with practical skills are still very limited in the country. This also has to do with the mentality in the communities that manual labourers have failed at education and that everyone needs to study whenever possible. As an avid cyclist, I am committed to creating opportunities and perspectives for future generations in Uganda through cycling.

After my training in healthcare in summer 2021, I decided to take a closer look at cycling in Uganda. I took my old bike, which I had bought second-hand during my training, with me on a trip home to Uganda. I met up with an enthusiastic road and mountain bike rider in Kampala, who told me a lot about cycling in Uganda.
As we cycled through the country of Uganda, we talked about how we could use the bicycle to create perspectives for the younger generation.

Back from the bike tour, we got straight to work in Kiyunga Mukono, a few kilometres north of Lake Victoria.


The bicycle as a way forward

In order to promote cycling in Uganda, we are focussing above all on raising awareness about the safety of cyclists and training young people to become bike mechanics. Read this page to find out more about our approach.


Bike to work and first bike workshop

Our partner Maintenance Palace is committed to promoting solar energy and environmentally friendly, economical and healthy mobility in communities in Uganda. Life Cyclers is currently using the offices of Maintenance Palace in Kiyunga Mukono until the work on our own workshop is finished. Thanks to our shared values, we work hand in hand to achieve our common goals. Founder and CEO Steven Mukalazi is realising the “Bike to Work” concept in Kiyunga and Mukono.


Training of bike mechanics

Life Cyclers Uganda aims to combat youth unemployment in the communities by training bike mechanics. Upon successful completion, a professional toolbox is given to the trained mechanics as start-up capital.


Joint bike tours and events

Join our weekly free cycle tours on the saddle as we pedal through communities around Mukono, Kampala, Jinja and surrounding areas. Our tours are designed to bring the cycling community together and simply enjoy the time together on the saddle. The aim is also to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling among the local population. Our routes are guided and managed by a team of professional cyclers. If you don’t have a bike, there is an opportunity to rent one from us. Whether you are a professional, beginner or amateur cyclist, you are very welcome!


„Roads for all“ – Road safety campaign

The RFA (roads for all) campaigns are organised to make other road users aware that cyclists also have the right to use the roads. Accidents and conflicts, especially with motorists, are to be combated in this way. The aim is to make cycling safer and promote mutual understanding.


Bike rentals

Enjoy an unforgettable cycling experience on our bikes that are specially designed to beat the Ugandan trails. High quality tyres accompanied with shock absorbers will help you enjoy the beauty and adventure of cycling in Uganda. All proceeds from the rentals are reinvested to fulfil our mission of creating perspectives by promoting cycling.


Promoting cycling and safety tips in schools

In many Ugandan villages, the bicycle is the means of transport for the whole family. Life Cyclers Uganda supports schoolchildren in using bicycles to get to school. However, safety must not be neglected. In addition to fundraising for bicycles and helmets in particular, we therefore provide cycling lessons and road safety tips in schools.

Achieving more together

How you can become part of our initative

There are many ways in which you can support us. For example, by subscribing to our newsletter, donating bike equipment or taking part in our community tours.